Supported Charities & Community Groups

Elder Stubbs Charity primarily supports 2 local charities who have a base at our allotment site.

Restore is a mental health charity working towards providing recovery and coaching support to people with mental health problems whilst working with the whole community to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

Restore has a number of buildings by the main entrance including a canteen, offices, wood workshop and shop which is open to the public. They also grow crops on about 2 acres of the site. The produce is used in the canteen, for sale and to make preserves.

For more information about Restore:

The Porch – Steppin’ Stones provides day long support for homeless and vulnerably housed people wanting to move forward in their lives, away from street-life and addiction.

Steppin’ Stones has a spacious shed and grow crops on about an acre of the site. Their produce goes predominantly to their kitchen which provides 2 meals a day to their members. They also make jams and pickles.

For more information about The Porch – Steppin Stones:

Other community groups and charities have been involved having a plot to work with their supported members. These have included youth mentoring, family intervention project, The Cherwell Project.

Community groups wanting to be a part of the Elder Stubbs community are welcome to apply to be put on our waiting list and to discuss their requirements.

It should be noted that projects that have had most success have had a key person to be there on a regular basis. Shared responsibility to lead a group we have found rarely works.











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