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News Update: The Government has produced guidelines noting that allotment sites should be accessible for allotment tenants whilst following the regulations on social distancing. During these extraordinary times we are still maintaining our waiting list for plots but available plots will only be allocated to novice/inexperienced growers when a state of normality again returns.

To apply for a plot at Elder Stubbs – There are currently over 20 people on our waiting list. Please refer to details lower down the page.

Estate Manager: Edmund Faria  Telephone: 07884 318464 (For allotment plot enquiries, site visit etc.)

Estate Manager: Phil Creme  Telephone: 07944 417289

E-mail: (Your message will get through to Phil and Edmund)

Address: Elder Stubbs Charity Allotments – Rymers Lane, Oxford OX4 3JZ

Location: The main entrance is opposite Florence Park and is indicated by the red marker which also leads to the Restore buildings. The usual meeting point is along the main path by the Restore buildings.

Location and Plan of the allotment site.

Please click on plan or map to enlarge.

Applying for a plot at Elder Stubbs

Our waiting list – The next person on the list as a plot becomes available is contacted and a visit can then be arranged to see if what we have is suitable. Ideally you will be living or working within a mile or so of Elder Stubbs.

Cost: Small plots are currently charged at £14.50 per year (Up to about 130 square meters). Larger plots are charged at 11.2 pence per square meter. There is a reduction of 25% for people on benefits or in receipt of a pension. A additional charge of £5 is made for late payments in April.

Maintenance Charge: We hope that all tenants will contribute at least 3 hours per year to help keep the site looking good in which case there is no charge. When rental is paid for the year either there is a commitment to helping with allotment site work or there is a charge of £10 to contribute towards site improvements. For more details please look at the site maintenance and volunteering page.

Realistic expectations of what is involved is key to becoming a successful allotmenteer who enjoys the experience and is not overwhelmed by the work!

Plot sizes: These vary from a standard plot of approximately 10 pole (250 square yards), there are also some larger ones as well as half and quarter plots too.

Already experienced: Having had a previous plot you will be aware of the level of work required to manage a plot. It is worth noting though that the soil at Elder Stubbs is on the heavy side so more work will be required than on a plot with lighter soils.

Taking on a plot for the first time: Welcome! If you are able to spare at least a few hours every week and are happy to get stuck in with managing your soil and controlling the weeds regularly then there is no reason why you can’t make a success of your plot.

You will find many of your neighbours are happy to pass on advice if you are apprehensive about starting as a novice and there are many good books, as well as internet sources that are available too.

Starting small is a good idea. You can always put in for a larger plot once you feel confident about having managed a smaller one.

How to start: You can E-mail or telephone Edmund Faria to discuss putting your name on our waiting list. We will need contact details – Name, address, E-mail (if you have) and telephone.

2 thoughts on “Contact & Applying for a plot

  1. Hi , my name is sue and I’m looking at renting s plot of land due to the fact I live in a flat and miss the outdoors , I was told to contact you here , do you have any availability at the moment , kind regards , Sue .


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