Monthly Tasks – January

Monthly Tasks

Elder Stubbs Charity allotments is a member of NSALG (National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners) and their website gives a lot of useful information ( This monthly task list is based predominantly from information from them.


Overview: January is probably the coldest period of the Winter and coming on top of the floods and heavy rains from December onwards. It is well worth taking the time to look over the allotment and prioritise the jobs for the month. Top of the list has to be to clean up the plot and dispose of all the damaged and rotten crops. Check all framework structures and whether new materials will be required for next years frames for beans etc.

It is an excellent time of the year to make a plan of where you will be putting crops for this season and considering how this fits in to your rotation system. Make a note too of any seed shortfall that you have in readiness for your next visit to a Garden Centre. Seed Catalogues can be obtained from Phil if you still want to put an order in to Kings.

Harvesting: Brussels sprouts, cabbages, leeks and parsnips if they are still sound. Check on any of your vegetables and fruit in store and discard any that have gone mouldy or rotten.

Sowing and planting: Patience is the watchword. The days are still too short and cold to even think of sowing seed outdoors or in the open. A few sowings of onions, lettuce, peas, broad beans, radish and early carrots can be made under protection towards the end of the month. January sun can push up temperatures so some ventilation may be needed.

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