Monthly Tasks – August

Monthly Tasks: Elder Stubbs Charity allotments is a member of NSALG (National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners) and their website gives a lot of useful information ( This monthly task list is based predominantly from information from them.

Overview: If you are on holiday during this month, its worth asking a neighbouring plot holder to keep an eye on your patch, as no doubt everything will come into season all at once and need picking.

Harvesting: Keep up with the harvesting of all vegetable crops and keep up with the p;icing of runner beans to maintain cropping well into the autumn. Continue with the lifting of potatoes. Prepare to lift onions towards the end of the month. Wait until the tops begin to fall over as this indicates that the bulb has stopped swelling. Dry them before ‘stringing’ and putting into store. These bulb will then keep until next March.

Start to thin apples and pears down to one or two fruits per cluster. The apples and pears will soon begin to colour up. The plums and damsons will be in full flow so harvest regularly.

Harvest soft fruit. The late fruiting raspberries will be cropping well by now.

Sowing and planting: Make the last of any outdoor sowings to provide a late harvest for this season, radishes and lettuce will still produce a crop.

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